Planet Of The Apes By Kyle Scott

 “Only the incurably mediocre shall inherit this earth, (1) because of constructed/repressive social hierarchies, (2) because such hierarchies act as buffers made to repress the strongest men inside of society, and (3) because of the pleasure principle. I don’t wish to analyze the reason why-anomalous- thus happens because it would take much far too long. So why bother? It’s evolution- that’s why it happens. For now, let us leave it there.

Based and determined upon a specifically certain set of genetic traits a creature is or is not born with inside of its DNA, thus creature is engineered-better-or-less-made fit to survive while living inside of a certain environment; Albeit, a king of the jungle, the  lion wouldn’t do too well being dropped into the north Antarctic tundra. This logic applies to all living things and is the reason why they are still alive. But the genetics do allow for a certain amount of lee-way to take place when stepping out of one’s native environment. Thus determines speciation, which is more or less an organism’s (or community of organisms’) ability to adapt and change to accommodate their own lives when being moved to live inside of a new environment, over time, therein, pruning their own survivability by cross-breeding, and utilizing traits left over from past environments that competitor-species [inside said new environment] do not and cannot own. We must face the fact that the lion will more-than-likely be unable to live inside of the Arctic, but in the case of small changes of environment, matched with speciation placed onto a macro-scale over time, planet earth really isn’t too bad of a place to live for anything with cells inside it. Thank the sun and moon and water, I guess.

But, despite temptation into the realm of obscurity, my real thesis consists only in but one, small facet’ of these processes. And this, generally, is where human beings become further separate from animals and even more-so plants. Plants share a certain interconnectedness all at and throughout the root, and all of these roots share a certain interconnectedness throughout all the world, in that- they all grow up from the ground, whereas to animals, capable of making amazing bounds, from  trekking across the African Sahara to flying across the skies in arrow pattern. There is no free will in any of these living things like there is none in human beings. But, human beings suffer greater from these other species. Human beings have killed and oppressed each other in much greater numbers than all other species. Human beings have killed themselves in much greater numbers than that of any other species. Why is this, you ask? And I say simply, the capacity for—deviance- that itself, coupled along with self-awareness [ie. metacognition, exponentially heightened], the result of a prefrontal cortex [higher in a number of neurons than any other species], unconscionable, and disastrously, over-enlarged. This cortex, along with a generally oversized brain, “is considered the seat of complex thought,” says LIVE SCIENCE[1]. It’s what lets me write this paper; it’s what lets me edit this paper; it’s what gives me the ideas to put inside of this paper. Accordingly,  the same article states “Humans also have the largest frontal lobes of any animal,- Holland said, -The frontal lobes are associated with higher-level functions such as self-control, planning, logic and abstract thought — basically, “the things that make us particularly human,” he said.”

This fattened, prefrontal cortex of ours, makes us, as humans, the best, most survival-adept, and overall fittest species to inhabit this small planet; meaning that we hold the genetic faculties to make us the most equipped to fit into and survive inside the most amount of planetary environments, cultivate the environments’ resources, reproduce, and flourish.

So how is this a bad thing, I assume, you the reader, wonder? Well, it’s not. In truth, it’s neither good nor bad, as the very concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are untenable inside of any objective reality besides that of the human mind, wherein what’s ‘good,’ is determined by The superior temporal sulcus, and what’s ‘bad,’ is determined by the inferior parietal lobule.  So to keep this short, I’ll just say that since the human mind and body is capable of surviving and cultivating a survivable existence inside of a greater -many environmentally varietal realms, it is too- also, on the opposite pole, equally capable of destroying both such life and environments as a whole on a disastrously larger scale. And the scale will continue to rise until either human beings go extinct, or… Actually, that’s it. There will be both greater destruction as well as pain until whenever it is that human’s finally go extinct.

So, let’s all take a break, shall we?

I just got back after a good 5-minute cry, and yes, I still have not yet reached point 1 of my thesis… So here it is- One particular way that people enjoy destroying themselves is by competition resultant in the destruction of each other’s greatest men. Why do humans do this, you ask? And to the reader, I say, there is no ‘why’. But still they do it, and one of their most popular ways of doing this is in the formation of oppressive social hierarchies. And while the strongest of all mankind (ie. one’s with a leg up on the competition) inside of the general minority of our world’s population are fully equipped to deal with the world’s present and future climate, the majority (ie. weaker, herd-like men of the past) are still less equipped. So how do the majority make up for this weakness?-They build alliances with each other, forming socially mechanical hierarchies, highly visible from the outset, in order to forcibly repress any formidable attempt of progressive expansion made by the higher (ie. minority men). And in the abstract realm of intuitive thought and creation, two large cerebral cortexes are certainly not better than one, even larger cerebral cortex, except for in what is old. And the herdmen know this, unconsciously of course, and guess what?-They don’t care.[Another commonality of the lesser ability for creation is a lack of conscience, in part to preserve one’s life, but mainly, because there is no truth-urgency without any ownership thereof] So they go about chipping away at every ounce of lasting individuality/anything new, and targeting anyone who creates it, all the while storing weapons of various sorts as a further measure to preserve the old. Because theories can be extracted from the observation of action, and theories can be made into experimental action, but only whatever’s old can allow for an active experimentation.-Governing dynamics. So these are your bullies in school, which, for me, were- and still are mostly the teachers. And back to the hierarchies, essentially what we’re talking about here is The Planet of the Apes: Human beings with larger prefrontal cortexes are sitting around in cages, all the while the monkeys are the ones strolling along down through the hallways with key ring.  Friedrich Nietzsche believed there was, in truth, a greater divide of higher faculties shared between the herd-like man and the one, greater creative man than there was between the herd-like man and an actual ape. And I, myself, agree.

So how do these hierarchies function to achieve thus repression? –put very simply, money. And while money is only but one of the herd’s many strategies, it is the most effective. Because simply put, it achieves the position at top of the overall aesthetic scale. This is a fairly new, western development, coming mainly off the heels of the grand enlightenment. Yet it could be anything, really, just so long as the accepted paradigm itself shelters an utter lack of self-reflective critical inquiry/consideration in regard to the world surrounding, thus paradigm itself has potential to ascend itself up to a very high place on the overall aesthetic scale. Mass appeal, in other words; appeal to the common, herd-animal. But-, and I think we all know this, -genius, if anything, is not at all common. It’s rare, and frightening in person; it hurts on confrontation, not only one’s pride, but also their own sense of comfort, and sometimes, even, their very physical bodies… Inside of human history, even some of the greatest acts of genius that of the single, individual mind’s creation,- have been used and exploited by the common herd-animal in order to perpetrate some of the most vicious, horrendous acts of destruction. If there is one thing that the accursed human physics is good for, it’s not –in-fact- evolution of the over-sized brain and cortex, but- in all actuality the evolution of the way-over-sized brain and cortex—that what is genius, and able to create answers to problems the contemporary world has itself created, so that the world can use these creations wrong and create new problems. Because the common herdman has to be the one with money; there is no other way. Setting aside all of the aesthetic debilities [including, but not limited to ADHD, autism, bipolar, depression, OCD, etc., etc ] included among those of the higher order of man, the higher order man himself is simply not excited by anything excluding the very thoughts within his own head. So unless the higher order man is born into money (which sometimes happens) the higher order man is basically screwed. Because, excepting the high prospect of eventual if not preordained -poverty, there is also the being faced with intimidation by the less-economically-well-off breed of common mediocrity, the eternal optimists (ie. the cause of all great wars), the men and women in general, the politics, the beaurocracy run on behalf of systemic oppressors, the commonly accepted tradition of old, a conscience telling one all throughout their youth that they should follow the old, the scum of the underbelly (which are closely related to the eternal optimists, believe it or not), etc., etc. And you’ll find this all throughout history. A great many of our world’s greatest men were virtually impotent while caged inside of a classroom.

So where does the pleasure principle fall in? Quite simply, everyone follows it, but the herd-animal is much less likely to be consciously active in seeking new, intuitive ways of achieving pleasure. Because they are less overall viable creatures, the common man gains more pleasure from climbing the overall aesthetic scale; whereas the higher man’s first inclination shows no regard for any aesthetic matters except in regard to how they might fulfill one’s theory. Life is a game, so play- The higher, or ascetic man, struggles with playing a child’s game though, essentially. Where one already knows the plays, the structure, etc, there can be no real excitable room for progressively expansive growth. Although, there is always the other, more-so intuitive option: To change the game. And this is what the common, herd-man fears most of all will happen. But, to this let the reader either keep hope or take heed in, that it has to. For either, it will happen or the human race goes extinct.” – Kyle Scott @dumpsteroozepress

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